About Us

Wright FM Hearing is a Northern Ireland based hearing care business ideally positioned to be able to trade with the rest of the UK as well as with the EU and the rest of Europe. As a hearing aid consultant with Wright Hearing, as well as looking after the FM and hearing aid accessories business, I am very well placed to offer guidance and advice to those seeking to augment the hearing they get from their hearing aids, with the latest wireless and FM devices. As a completely independent hearing aid provider, my main aim with my clients, patients and customers is to help them to hear in the particular situations that it is important for them to them hear in, and at the most economical cost to them. My independence is absolutely key to me being able to do this. I’m not tied to any manufacturer and so can offer the very best advice possible.

Our geographical location with the single market means that we are also really well positioned to serve customers in the UK, as well as those in Ireland. With excellent postal services in both countries, we can have our products delivered to your door very quickly. For orders coming from mainland Europe, or further afield, it may take slightly longer, but with the advice that is on offer and the very competitive prices available, you should find that dealing with us is very much worthwhile.

At Wright FM Systems, my passion is helping people to rejoin the world of hearing – giving them true access to life again. When I began my career as a hearing aid audiologist back in 1997, I very quickly learned that audiology is all about people. This may sound obvious, but every patient I test in my continuing role in audiology and every customer or potential customer I talk to in my day to day work, confirms this. I need to understand the customer and get to know how their hearing problems affect their day to day life. By listening to the customer, I can help them to find the right solution for their individual needs. As a family run business, I feel that we have the right ethos to be able to look at the whole person and not just their hearing loss. We will always treat our customers with respect and ensure that you don’t feel that you are just a number, rather than the individual and much valued customer that you are.

During more than 25 years as a hearing aid audiologist I have seen a revolution in hearing technology take place, first of all with the ever-improving and increasingly smaller digital hearing aids and now with the many FM assistive listening devices which help provide good hearing in those extremely challenging situations where hearing aids can sometimes fall a little short. In days gone by, background noise would have presented considerable difficulty to anyone with a hearing problem. Nowadays, the technology is very much available to help. There has never been a better time to be able to take advantage of this technology.

I positively welcome customers’ questions and am always pleased to be given the opportunity to help them. There are a lot of different systems available and it’s great to be able to guide people towards the most appropriate technology for their needs.