Guide To Phonak Roger Hearing Accessories

Introduction to Phonak Roger Hearing Accessories Phonak Roger Select Transmitter ImageWhether it’s enjoying the inevitable summertime social events, eating out at noisy restaurant with friends or just winding down in front of the tele to watch your favourite season on Netflix, if you struggle with your hearing it can be difficult to enjoy these moments to the fullest. That’s where Phonak Roger Hearing Accessories can help. This guide will give you an overview of the brand as well as the hearing accessories on offer and what advantage these have over competitor hearing aid accessories. What is Phonak Roger? Although hearing aids are a great piece of technology, they come with limitations such as issues with hearing from distances or hearing when there is substantial background noise. Phonak Roger is more of a generalised communication device which has the ability to turbo charge the performance of standard hearing aids. How do Phonak Roger microphones work? FM System MicrophonePhonak Roger microphones enable the user to experience a much higher quality of sound than your ordinary hearing aid. The microphones are external allowing them to be connected wirelessly to a user’s hearing aid in order to better hear in situations which prove difficult for standard devices. The Journal of audiology states that as many as 31% of hearing aid users report that they still have difficulty hearing when in noisy situations, this can be due to the fact most hearing aids are worn behind the users ear, allowing them to transmit sounds to the brain that the ear would typically be able to pick up, however when in a particularly noisy environment the sounds tend to be more difficult to identify by the hearing aid and can result in the user receiving distorted sounds or no sound at all. Research has proven that when a device such as the Roger Pen, Roger Table Mic or the Roger Select are being used, the hearing aid user can hear up to 10 times better than people with normal hearing. The use of the Roger technology enhances hearing not only in noisy environments but also across distance. Phonak Roger have a microphone to suit various needs and requirements for example, the Roger Pen is the pen shaped microphone and is most useful for directional voice conversations. Whereas the Roger Select would be more appropriate to use at a dinner table or meeting, this device sits on the table and will pick up voices surrounding the circle. Another significant addition to the Roger family is the Roger Touchscreen Mic, this is the ideal choice for a teacher within a classroom setting or for someone giving a presentation, in which the user can wear the device around their neck, for example, this will allow a teacher to stream directly to a student’s hearing aid. See more of the devices which we sell here.  Using Phonak Roger with other devices; Phonak Roger devices can also be integrated with other equipment such as TV, mobile phones, radios, landline telephones and many other audio devices. In order to interface with other audio devices there are a large range of accessories. When purchasing a system, the device will come already supplied with standard additions which will allow you to connect to other devices, such as a charging cable. Depending on your device, docking stations are available these can also act as a charging dock and as a way to connect to other audio devices. You will find a variety of cables to connect the Roger transmitter to various audio devices. A lanyard and lapel clip will come with the device if it can be worn. A remote control will be present if the device has one available. To see a list of Phonak Roger accessories which we supply please click here. Or alternatively please feel free to contact us and we can guide you as best we can. There are two main parts to Radio Aid System – the Transmitter and the Receiver.

Phonak Roger Transmitters

Phonak Roger Pen in TransmitterPhonak Roger Select and Phonak Roger Pen The most frequently bought transmitter to work with the Roger receivers in a Phonak Roger system is either the Phonak Roger Select or the Phonak Roger Pen. When choosing which of these devices to use as your primary transmitter, it is important to consider what you will mostly use the device for, for example if you need a device mainly for personal use and social situations such as dinner with friends or if you spend a lot of time sat at your desk or in meetings around a table, then you would be more suited to the Select in these scenarios. Whereas, the Pen would suit a user who is on the go, moving around a lot and on their feet. Both devices are highly flexible and adaptive pieces of technology equipment, suited to being used within noisy situations, small gatherings of people and meetings. If you are looking for a device which will be versatile within an educational setting or regular large groups, then a different choice of transmitter would be recommended. Phonak Roger Clip-on Mic The Phonak Roger Clip-on Mic is the ideal device for a chairperson / spokesperson leading a meeting or presentation, this can also be used by other key people around a table within a meeting setting. This would be combined with a Roger Pen, in order to emphasise certain points in the meeting. Phonak Roger Table Mic The Phonak Roger Table Mic is the chosen device used specifically within large meetings and corporate work place environments. The device works extremely well within large groups, the number of Table Mics required will depend on the area which needs to be covered.

Phonak Roger Receivers

Phonak Roger Ear Level Receivers

At Wright FM Hearing we can supply receivers which are highly convenient and discreet as they clip to the bottom of your hearing aid (if you wear BTE (behind the ear) hearing aids), alternatively we offer neck receivers which will allow you to have nothing clipped to your current hearing aid. There are a range of universal Roger ear level receivers such as the Phonak Roger X, which works in conjunction with any brand of hearing aid. Or there are integrated receivers which are designed specifically to work with particular Phonak ‘behind the ear’ hearing aids, these allow the design and colour to match. If the user of a hearing aid is wearing any brand but Phonak then the compatible receiver will be a Roger X. If the wearer is using Phonak hearing aids their receiver can be either Integrated or Roger X. If you’re a Phonak wearer and you’re considering which option to go for you may be wondering what the difference between the integrated and the Roger X are – integrated receivers are a little more elegant for sure, however if you’re likely to be changing your hearing aids in the near future then a universal receiver such as the Roger X may be a better suited option. A Roger X can be used on a future model of hearing aid with only the minimal cost of an audio shoe (approx. £20.00). This means the whole system can be used on any new hearing aids without the expense of new receivers.


To conclude, Phonak Roger offer a wide range of hearing accessories, to suit a variety of needs and requirements. If you’re looking for some advice then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, whether it’s specific products you’re interested in or you’re struggling with certain situations we’re here to help. If you need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us, or visit our Facebook page for more updates.

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